Gauge Cluster Overview

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Checking Codes, Gauges and Hours

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How to Check codes:

Turn the key on and off 3 times, do not engage starter. On the third cycle, leave the key on. In my vid, it reads 'DONE' because I have no codes, but if you have them, they will display.

Click here to watch Code Check

How to do a gauge check/display 'C' codes:
Press the odometer trip reset, hold it, then turn the key to the 'ON' position. Do not engage starter. Once the gauge check starts, you can release the button. Once it is done with the gauge check, it will display 'C' codes.

Click here to watch Gauge Check

Hour meter check:

Turn key to 'ON'. Press and hold Odometer trip reset button. After a few seconds of it being pressed, it will show the hours.

Click here to watch Hours Check



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