3rd Gen Fuel Filter Change

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3rd Generation Fuel Filter Removal And Installation

Original Write Up By HorseHauler

To start off, here are the easy instructions:

Fuel filter change procedure.

1) turn the yellow water seperator valve and let everything drain out. (i like to extend the hose to reach bucket for less mess)

2) get 1 1/8" socket and unscrew the filter lid, this will also help drain fuel out faster

3) take out old filter AND o-ring

4) wipe out the inside if necassary (but you shouldnt need to do it, unless there is a ton of gunk in there, IMO risk for getting lint in the container)

5) stick on new filter AND o-ring

6) lube the o-ring

7) stick it back in the canister

8) turn the seperator valve back to normal

9) twist the fuel filter cab back on snug (or i believe to 24 Ft Lbs)

10) turn the key a couple times (bump start the engine this get the pump goin longer)

11) and start that sucker up, easy as pie

Now for my pictures:
Fresh fuel filter


Hose extension to catch fuel in clear bottle


Turn the yellow drain valve, and unscrew lid


Take out old filter and O-ring


Put on new filter


Lube new O-ring


Drop assembly into canister (after checking for debri on inside of canister)


Close the drain valve


Torque lid to 24 Ft. Lbs.


Check to see any water seperation at the end


Bump start the engine a couple times and start er up.
Check for leaks and listen to her purr

--Iker42 21:44, 17 March 2008 (EDT)